NVC Electric

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With superior product quality and professional manufacturing capabilities,
NVC Electric has been adopted by over 2,000 key infrastructure projects around the world.

Brand Values

Quality-First: Crafting Timeless Masterpieces

NVC Electric adheres to a quality-centric manufacturing philosophy, striving to deliver optimal products and services to customers.

Customer-Centric: Developing Desired Products

NVC Electric's business processes are customer demand-driven, with customer requirements permeating every aspect from market research, R&D, sales, manufacturing to service.

People-Oriented: The Striver as Our Foundation

NVC Electric features an inverted pyramid management structure that reflects a people-centric ideology - top management serves the middle, and middle management serves our sales and customers.

Independent Innovation: Seizing Technological Achievements

NVC Electric persists in independent innovation, breaking technological bottlenecks to realize greater value to our customers.

In summary, NVC Electric prioritizes quality, crafting timeless products that aligns with customer needs, and developing products that customers want, with the striver as our foundation.
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nvc electricnvc electric

Product portfolio

NVC Electric's core business focuses on wall switches, outlets, and converters. The product range extends to switch boxes, low-voltage electrical devices, electrical tapes, doorbells, and smart door locks. This complements our extensive power and electricals product portfolio, further enhancing our overall product matrix.

Product Features

Wall Switches

Premium Materials: Switch faceplates are made of high-quality PC material, heat resistant up to 850°C, self-extinguishing to largely prevent fires. Meanwhile, the current carrying parts use tin-phosphor bronze for safer and more effective conduction with smooth and resilient plugging/unplugging.

Safety Design: The structure prioritizes safety with an integrated shutter system, preventing individual insertion of plugs to avoid electric shocks from misuse.

Power Strips

High Temperature Resistance: The strip housing adopts ABS material, heat resistant up to 750°C without burning, effectively fireproofing and eliminating safety hazards.

Premium Wiring: Thicker core wires reduce resistance, raising the circuit's tolerance threshold and lowering thermal load. Meanwhile, the wires' bend/fracture durability increases.

Track Power Outlets

Trendy Style: Breaking traditional molds with a modern aesthetic, complementing various decor styles as a popular fixture guiding contemporary interior design trends.

Powerful Performance: Mobile track lighting can be freely added based on use needs, effectively resolving insufficient sockets. It enhances flexibility in access and use of electricity without destroying existing walls by directly replacing old sockets and covering their back boxes for simple installation and great convenience.
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