LinkedIn Account “NVC Lighting” Renamed to “NVC Lighting APAC” to Enhance Regional Brand Identity


Embracing Change: NVC Lighting's New APAC Identity On LinkedIn



In a strategic move to further clarify our business identity in the Asia-Pacific region and distinguish ourselves from other regional subsidiaries, NVC International is excited to announce that our subsidiaries' LinkedIn page name will change from “NVC Lighting” to “NVC Lighting APAC”. This change will be effective soon.


This renaming reflects our evolving global business strategy and focus on regional markets. As NVC Lighting continues to expand and grow in the Asia-Pacific region, we believe it is time to represent our presence in the area with a more region-specific brand name.


The new name, “NVC Lighting APAC”, will enable us to clearly differentiate ourselves from our other regional subsidiaries, such as NVC Lighting UK and NVC Lighting MENA. This change will help our customers and partners to more easily identify and connect with the correct regional entity, thereby enhancing the recognizability and accessibility of our brand.


Please note that this name change is only applicable to our LinkedIn page. Our company name, business operations, and commitment to service remain unchanged. We will continue to deliver high-quality products and services to meet our customers' needs.