NVC Values

Customer Obsession. Radical Candor. Practical Innovation. Diversity & Inclusion are the values that drive us.

Business Strategy

New Slogan
”Enlightening Spaces. Enriching Lives.”

Mission Statement

”The mission of NVC International is to build products that transform the spaces we love and enrich all aspects of life”

We accomplish this by offering our customers a wide range of innovative products through a portfolio of world-renowned brands. Using our integrated supply chain, NVC aspires to be not only the partner of choice for our customers, distributors and suppliers, but also a champion for sustainable, profitable growth in our industry.
For our customers, we aim to be the world’s leading provider of products and solutions across the construction fixtures sector, embodying meticulous craftsmanship, human-centric innovation, and thoughtful design.

For our partners, we work tirelessly to be a partner of choice in doing business. NVC champions a culture of radical candor, constant improvement, and a value-creation mindset for all stakeholders we work with.

For our employees, we strive to build an organization that embodies true meritocracy. We commit ourselves to the ideals of diversity and inclusion, and to an “aspiration” centered culture that empowers everyone to achieve more.

For society, we endeavor to create superior value for our shareholders through sustainable, profitable growth. Equally important is our goal of becoming a trusted steward of the earth by developing technologies and products that are consistent with our commitment to sustainability and a zero-carbon future.

Core Values

Customer Obsession

We recognize that since every dollar earned by NVC is a dollar from a paying customer, all business activities conducted by our organization must be to the ultimate service of our customers. NVC International is an organization that works tirelessly to earn and keep our promise to the customer.

Aspiration Centered Culture

An individual with “aspiration” is someone who strives tirelessly to create value for the organization. In a for-profit company, the only viable method of value distribution is one that appropriately rewards its true value creators. NVC International is an organization where aspiring individuals are empowered to do their life’s best work.

Brands Above All

The brand promise is the most important intangible asset of any organization. Without our brands, NVC’s world-class reputation for product quality and innovation would be wasted. NVC International stands behind its portfolio of brands and aspires to improve their awareness, reputation, and loyalty through the intersection of technology and the humanities.

Product Perfectionism

The purpose of a product is to fully meet the customer’s needs. Product perfectionism is the mindset of building a product that exceeds even the most discerning expectations of a customer. Meticulous craftsmanship is the combination of beautiful yet functional industrial design, practical and human-centric innovations, exceptional product quality, delivered at an acceptable cost, and within an appropriate timeframe.

NVC UK is Carbon Neutral

The UK has committed to being carbon neutral by 2050. As a responsible member of the lighting industry, NVC is keen to play its part in this, so we have taken the necessary steps and can now announce that NVC Lighting Limited is Carbon Neutral

To achieve this, we partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain – a leading consultancy and offsetting organization based in London.
With their help, and using international standards, we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions. In the period March 2021 to April 2022 these were 463 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent.

We have offset these emissions by investing in audited projects which are re-planting forests, generating renewable electricity and restoring damaged environments. Our Carbon Neutral status is now in place till April 2023. Then, and annually thereafter, our greenhouse gas emissions will be recalculated, and our offsets renewed as necessary to ensure that we continue to play our part in getting the UK as a whole to carbon neutrality by 2050.

That’s not all. While offsetting is the most practical way to immediately mitigate our impact on the climate, it is not all we have done, or plan to do. Alongside offsetting we are reducing waste, cutting emissions and increasing efficiency in multiple ways.

Bright Future

Since 2009, NVC has donated funds and lighting solutions to 60+ school in poverty-stricken areas, improving the lives of 80,000+ students and teachers.

NVC/FINA Diving World Series

NVC become the sole title partner of the FINA/NVC Diving World Series from 2014-2017.

Since 2007, the FINA/NVC Diving World Series is an international series of diving meets. This prestigious event is reserved for only the best divers in the World. As one of the world’s leading brands in lighting, NVC was invited to be the official business partner of this event.

As the Official Title Sponsor of the FINA/NVC Diving World Cup Series, NVC’s logo was shown at every competition venue, exposed on TV in 44 countries, covering more than 416 million households, and in countless press events in hosted countries.

Earth Hour

In response to World Wildlife Fund’s global climate change initiative, NVC carried out a series of campaigns to promote Earth Hour and sustainable development.