Research and Development

NVC International has established complete R&D systems that support our business’ sustainable development.

Our R&D and innovation efforts include:

Establishing R&D centers and laboratories in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and the UK;

Working with prominent domestic and foreign electrical lighting and lamp experts to study cutting-edge lighting technology;

Collaborations with Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and other higher institutions to establish unique product lines with NVC International characteristics.

ZHEJIANG R&D Center:Research and development of light fittings

SHANGHAI R&D Center:Research and development of lighting appliances and groundbreaking energy-saving products

NVC UK:Research and development of specialised products for overseas markets

ZHUHAI R&D Center:Research and development of light fittings

HUIZHOU Laboratory:Quality testing and inspection of products

  • Zhuhai R&D Centre

    - 300+ employees

    - 8,200m2

    - Authorized Samsung LED provider, authorized Samsung LED provider, CMAS and ISO9001 compliant and CMAS and ISO9001 compliant

  • -20+ Engineers

    - Focus on LED lamps and some compact fluorescent lamps

  • - 20+ Engineers

    - 5 Top China lighting professors as consultants

    - Focus on LED drivers and electronic ballasts

    - 1st DEKRA-WMT certified laboratory in China