Research and Development

With sustained investment over more than 10 years, NVC has established a product development infrastructure that has come to be a driving force behind the growth of the business. We have 4 R&D centres in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong in China, and in Birmingham, UK., drawing on the expertise of universities in Tsinghua and Fudan, plus the Northwestern Poly technical University and other colleges and institutions with particular skills in our field.

NVC has 3 R&D centers : Zhuhai R&D Centre, Zhejiang R&D Centre, Shanghai R&D Centre

Evaluated NVC products by IQAC as “High-quality products”

  • Zhuhai R&D Centre

    - 300+ employees

    - 8,200m2

    - Authorized Samsung LED provider, authorized Samsung LED provider, CMAS and ISO9001 compliant and CMAS and ISO9001 compliant

  • -20+ Engineers

    - Focus on LED lamps and some compact fluorescent lamps

  • - 20+ Engineers

    - 5 Top China lighting professors as consultants

    - Focus on LED drivers and electronic ballasts

    - 1st DEKRA-WMT certified laboratory in China