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Vietnam - Gamuda Residents




PROJECT TYPE: Villa in residential areas

LOCATION: Hanoi, Vietnam

  Project Challenge  

Gamuda City is strategically located in the centre of Greater Ha Noi, just 6km from the old CBD. The 500-ha development consists of bustling business districts & commercial hubs, self-contained lifestyle townships and a world-class urban recreational park. Poised to be the next prime destination in Hanoi, Gamuda City showcases the best of living, education, entertainment, medical, hospitality and business experiences, a place where your heart truly belongs.The new Gamuda property was designed to be the model as the brand leader in residential sector. Beautiful and functional lighting design was needed to focus on accentuating the property, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and a warm environment for villa guests, all while standing out amidst the surrounding high-profile venues.

Energy efficiency was similarly an important consideration for Gamuda.


NVC International Lighting Solutions

From the outset, lighting designers at Gamuda knew that the breadth of the NVC International product line could cover the lighting design needs and functional applications at the new villas property – while being long-lasting and energy-efficient.

Lighting install for the outdoor area 

Outdoor lighting has to meet two central criteria. It has to perfectly present the architecture at night, and it has to accentuate usable outdoor areas. NVC International LED outdoor luminaires can now be used to safely illuminate paths, stairways, access roads, and much more.
NVC Outdoor Lighting products highlighted the villa’s exterior, creating a welcoming and beautifully lit property. As guests approach the building, the vertical architectural brick panels intersected by guestroom windows undeniably dominate the first impression. To showcase the building facade at night, NVC floodlights were stanchion mounted and aimed vertically. Our NVC floodlights are efficient, with impressive optics that can be precisely directed to light large, specific areas. To avoid creating an eyesore for passersby, NVC LED bollard and post top light were chosen. Bollard luminaires and post top lights are popular lighting tools. They illuminate public parks, paths and squares as well as hotels and residential complexes, driveways and private gardens; they provide for good orientation and safe guidance. In the evening they contribute to a pleasant ambiance in which one is happy to linger. The result of Gamuda’s success story is two-fold: The villa kept guests comfortable and saved money in the process with proper LED implementation. These best practices create a hospitable environment that makes sure guests are happy to stay and happy to come back.


Products Recommendation

NVC International offers a wide range of outdoor lighting highly suitable for villas, maintenance-free and with the best warranty in the sector.


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