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Here you can find the contact details of the NVC International head office and regional offices

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NVC International Holdings Limited

Address: Unit 705, 7/F., Building 20E, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T., Hong Kong.

Email: sales@nvc-international.com

Website: www.nvc-international.com

Western Europe, North America, Australia

Contact: Beatrice.Xu

Tel: +86-0756-363-5875

Fax: +96-752-2786689

Email: beatrice.xu@nvc-international.com

Middle East & North Africa

Contact: Joel Yeung

Tel: +86-0756-363-5875

Fax: 86-752-2786689

Email: xinchun.yang@nvc-international.com

Asia Pacifc,Italy,Eastern Europe and Africa(except North Africa)

Contact: Cindy

Tel: +86-0756-363-5875

Fax: +86-752-2786689

Email: xiaoju.huang@nvc-international.com