Manufacturing Plants

One of NVC's core competitive advantages is its substantial manufacturing capacity, supported by well implemented manufacturing systems. NVC has factories in Zhuhai (China), Zhejiang (China), Shanghai(China), Hanoi(Vietnam), Thailand.


  • - 300+ employees

    - 8,200m2

    - Authorized Samsung LED provider, authorized Samsung LED provider, CMAS and ISO9001 compliant and CMAS and ISO9001 compliant

    - The main assembly plant for products made to UL standards for sale in North America

  • - 170,000 m2

    - 1,500+ employees

    - One of the largest lamp manufacturing plants in the world

    - Rapidly converting to LED lamp manufacturing

  • - 8,200m2

    - 600+ employees

    - This is our electronics manufacturing centre, focused on the assembly of electronic control gear and drivers for customers in China, Europe and North America.

  • - 500,000 ft2

    - New facility opened on 7th, November, 2019

    - This is our manufacturing base focusing onthe ASEAN lighting market.