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NVC International had donated lighting products to Qatar Quarantine Hospital Date:2020-05-22

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has resulted in more than a thousand confirmed cases in the middle east and a growing number of international cases. To address the increasing demand for quarantine and treatment of impacted patients, the government decided to build a quarantine hospital in Qatar. The quarantine hospital was expected to be built within 72 hours.

We know that tackling the COVID-19 pandemic from the frontlines is no easy feat for medical professionals.

NVC International and our distributors were willing to lend a helping hand. Our distributors had kept in close contact with local contractors in Qatar since the ground-breaking of construction work. With a full understanding of the solution requirements and challenges, NVC International has donated lighting products to support the hospital infrastructure.

Middle: Construction personnel  Right: GM of NVC Qatar distributor  Left: Staff of NVC Qatar distributor 

Despite the difficulties in coordinating logistics and risks of exposure, our distributors successfully delivered the lightings products to the construction site. This fast response had allowed the contractors and project management team to maintain their aggressive timeline.

Simulation diagram of Quarantine Hospital in Qatar

We ensured all our lighting products were able to fulfill the strict requirements in Qatar Hospital.

Care is at the heart of what we do. So, we’re doing everything we can to support government initiatives and help deliver care to vulnerable people and medical staff, wherever we can.

NVC International together with our distributors will be working very closely to find ways to best support COVID-19 relief efforts, and to direct our resources to where we can to make a difference.

To all the frontline healthcare workers, please stay strong and stay safe.

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