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NVC International | 2020 Operation and Management Annual Meeting Date:2020-05-21

The impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve rapidly across the globe and due to the public health and travel safety concerns, the Board of NVC International Management had decided to hold this year’s Annual Meeting through online to offline, to connect all employees who were based in different regions and hosted in Huizhou. NVC International had prepared countermeasures to stop the spread of the disease at its meeting. The meeting was held via Zoom on 28 April 2020 at 8:30 a.m. China Time.

This was to protect the health and wellbeing of NVC International ’s stakeholders, employees that participate in this meeting.

Meeting Agenda

This year, NVC International had emphasized 3 principles to ensure team success.

l Unity

l Focus

l Empowerment

With these 3 principles in mind, it will help us to overcome challenges and ensure effective team performance. It also ensures that our task projects are staffed with the diversity and competencies, enhances innovation, and empowers NVC team members with the authority and processes to work independently.

Eva Chan, CEO of NVC International

In this meeting, we reviewed the company's performance targets, profit targets, various management objectives in each business unit and company's various tasks. Eva Chan CEO of NVC International gave a brief explanation on the significance and purpose of the company's goal and culture organization. Her core values in the company are to provide employees a better life and better NVC. This annual meeting was also to strengthen everyone's goal management concept, knowing their business responsibility, and striving to achieve their various business key performance indicator for 2020.

The signing ceremony of 2020 target responsibility letter

The signing ceremony of 2020 Target Responsibility for NVC’s business divisions concluded successfully. The signing of The Target Responsibility Letter will urge each business division to know their KPI in achieving their business goals.

The signing of the letter was first to lead by the company's CEO Eva Chan. Under the witness of all the management personnel at the scene, CEO Eva Chan signed her letter showing that she will lead NVC International into a phase of further growth with strong determination. Subsequently, each director from individual region signed a 2020 target responsibility letter with CEO Eva Chan as a witness.

NVC International honors its top employees

 Chairman and CEO Special Awards

The Chairman and CEO special awards are evaluated on areas such as leadership, performance orientation and commitment to NVC International. 

Chairman Special Awards

CEO Special Awards

We gave awards to our top employees who displayed leadership and innovation in engaging  at their workplaces.

At NVC International, we are focused on continually improving the employee experience and capability. We’re committed to communicating our company vision, promoting employee recognition.

Top Team in 2019

Top Performers Representatives in 2019

Chairman’s Tony Wang Closing Summary for the meeting

Tony Wang, Chairman of NVC International

Focus on building the NVC brand and developing strong OEM relationships

At present, NVC International has two well-known brands, one is NVC brand and the other is Toshiba brand.

The growth of NVC’s brand value is always the main emphasis on response demand and approach to experience in customers. the company focused on every detail of its brands, develop products, cohesive identities compatible in every product, every market around the world, and communication to the customers.

Product, Innovation and quality are key factors for branding. So, OEM business is also important in NVC international for business growth and success. Rather than leaving our business growth to chance, why not undertake proactive actions to stay ahead of the competition.

Into the Future of Innovation 

Under Eva Chan’s leadership, we are confident that her knowledge and commitment to the organization will be a tremendous asset to the global and local regions.

With her extensive experience in executive leadership positions in operations as well as business, She will lead NVC International to the next level – to be the leading technology company in the lighting sector, home innovation and IoT markets.

At NVC International, we believe diversity drives our success as a global company. Our diverse workforce allows us to innovate, create products and services that reflect our consumers around the world. By fostering a wider range of ideas and viewpoints, we are able to work together to build the best NVC possible.

Putting the Customer First

NVC international needs to have a deeper level of understanding of its customers in individual markets so it can provide products that meet their needs more closely than ever before. We are creating local solutions while leveraging global scale. We are a customer-centric company, we need to listen to our customers at any time and have a dialogue with them. We will continue to focus on expanding our key markets, channels and getting new clients.

Responding to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, our thoughts are with each and every one of you. We know this situation has affected each of you differently and that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on our society. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, NVC International has been able to continue its business operations around the world.  

We recognize the need to stay close to our customers and remain committed to our obligations for our ongoing service/ support and supply of our products and services.

During this period, NVC International will continue to focus on marketing and innovation, research and development, developing new markets, and creating value-added products to achieve customer recognition.

From all of us at NVC International, I wish you, your families, and your friends to stay strong and in good health.