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NVC International Project in Georgia – CocaCola Factory




NVC International Project in Georgia – CocaCola Factory


Project Type: Factory

Location: Georgia


Everyone knows Coca-Cola. It's the best-known product in the world. They have been making it since 1886 and it still tastes the same.


As a business, The Coca-Cola Company is constantly evolving – they develop new products, acquire great brands and pioneer new ways of doing things. Coca-cola involves large-scale operation activities which requires huge storage facilities and a high-tech distribution network to ensure that products reach the supermarket shelves in top condition exactly when they are needed.


NVC International designed the ideal lighting solution using High bay and Batten Light throughout the whole warehouse. LED Highbay were installed in ceiling areas, particularly with high roofs. The versatile Highbay are available with a variety of beam angle options and light intensity settings which are suitable for industrial buildings with multiple ceiling heights and complicated layouts. Rising to the challenge of lighting external areas and other high-moisture areas, the battens were installed as it could be used in challenging environments and provide excellent illumination levels in all environments.



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