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NVC International | Intelligent Lighting Control System Date:2020-05-22

NVC International | Intelligent Lighting Control System

From simple wall-mounted dimmers to comprehensive lighting management software systems, NVC intelligent lighting control system offers the right control solution for all of your lighting needs. NVC control system allows you to enhance comfort, support tasks, ensure the safe navigation of spaces, and save energy. Combining digital show controllers with color-changing and tunable white light LED luminaires allows you to transform environments with dynamic, full-color light shows. Sophisticated lighting management software offers centralized, remote lightpoint management, supporting connected lighting systems that provide the best illumination experiences, maximize energy efficiency and resiliency, and offer extraordinary value beyond.

Too often, setting up and using these systems in the most beneficial ways are locked behind complex interfaces or complicated procedures. With this in mind, NVC has worked to make configuration and control easier.

At NVC International, we have the deep expertise and range of systems to transform your goals into effective lighting applications needs.

NVC Intelligent Lighting Control System with KNX Connection

The KNX system is currently the only digital home control bus standard certified by the international general IEC standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3) and applicable international standard (GB/T 20965-2013).

Diverse Product Line

Thousands of KNX manufacturers in the world are committed to R&D and manufacturing of products for the intelligent building control system so as to provide complete and perfect solutions for modern buildings.


It can be well compatible with all products based on the KNX bus standard so as to reduce inconvenience caused by the operation, maintenance of modern intelligent buildings  and replacement of products from different manufacturers.

Intelligent Lighting Control System

Functions of NVC Intelligent Lighting Control System

The NVC intelligent lighting control system can simulate changes in the sunlight colours intelligently, creating a "natural rhythm" lighting environment that is beneficial to human health and comfort.

In the meanwhile, the NVC intelligent lighting control system can be widely used in different industries providing a lighting environment that integrate with human “physical rhythm” to improve people’s work efficiency.

Build an intelligent control system to save cost in multiple ways

Framework Diagram of NVC Intelligent Lighting Control System 

Framework Diagram of System Devices